Case Study For Questionnaire Design

Considering the number of people opting for a doctoral degree from a notable international university, most of them drop it at an early stage of the research. The idea of conducting research and completing a Masters may look very shiny from a distance, but all that glitters is not gold. Being a part of Ural Federal University, Russia, Ivan James wished to be a doctorate holder from a long time as he tried for years to be a Masters candidate in this university. With a topic in his head for research in his domain, he developed a proposal for the approval of the University.

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Case study for SPSS Analysis

Ava was one of the brightest students in the National Research University as she aimed to be the best in her field. This case study is about Ava, who wished to gain every possible knowledge in her domain of management. She likes to read the work of researchers and go through their studies to learn new things or techniques of management. Ava had developed a fonding towards management and HR from a very long time. “I don’t even remember the first time I developed a thing for management. I was probably in the middle school when I decided to do something in management. Managing something was not my forte, but the power it brings along was what I wanted.”

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Dissertation Help in Russia offers help to the research candidates in Russia to develop the proposal, write the chapters, design the questionnaire, and analyse the data.

Dissertation Proposal

The proposal covers A-Z details of the research for the reader to know the insights.

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Dissertation Chapters

We help in writing all the chapters of the dissertation from introduction to references.

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Questionnaire Design

The design of a questionnaire matters the most to collect relevant data for the research.

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SPSS Analysis

The tool helps in management and statistical analysis of social science data.

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STATA Analysis

STATA is used especially in the fields of economics, sociology, political science, medicine.

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Nvivo Analysis

It is a qualitative data analysis software designed for scholars for deep level analysis.

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Matlab Implementation

The tool allows the researcher to implement algorithms, functions, and data for the study.

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Qualitative Analysis

We help in the qualitative analysis of the research, irrespective of the domain.

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The procedure allows to identify the common effect from multiple studies.

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