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When to start seeking help for your dissertation?

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Dissertation writing is an independent project and dealt with only once in the scholar’s life. It proves the scholar’s capability as a researcher, writer and presenter. To complete an impressive dissertation one must put in a lot of dedication and time. Though there is ample time for the scholar to pursue their dissertation they may not address it till the end. There could be several reasons for this. Procrastination Viewing it as a mountain of work to accomplish Aiming to be a perfectionist Negative feelings Thus you can get stuck not making appreciable progress with your dissertation. When you get into this mode it would really help to get support from outside. You could talk about it with your friends you have earlier completed their dissertation and seek their advice. You can also discuss the issue with your supervisor and other faculty members to seek proper guidance. Sometimes it is just a writer’s block and needs a push on your part. You could also seek the support of professionals online to go ahead with your dissertation. This will really help in relaxing you and getting you on the right path. Thus you could depend on feedback, punishments or little gifts for yourself which could act as motivators. Set aside small amount of dissertation work on a daily basis. When you accomplish it you can treat yourself. When you don’t complete it, deny some pleasurable things for yourself making you aware of your...

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