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Researching the Russian economy

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Russia has always been a fascinating country. Right from the days of the Tsars to the era of the Soviet Union to the modern nation, this land has always held the interest of the world. It is a country that is always in the news either for its military prowess, its sporting might or its political controversies. In recent times, it is its economy that has attracted a lot of attention. It is considered as one of the four nations along with China, India and Brazil that are going to change the future of the global economy drastically. That is why budding economists find it favourable to do a thesis on this nation’s economy. This is a country that is constantly in the news for its oil explorations, its trading policies, and its modern day billionaires. Yet, so much needs to be explored about this country. This country had once been described as a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. That is why the world is always hungry for research on Russia. One of the questions on many people’s mind is whether the modernization of the country’s economy is pure hype or is it for real. They also want to know how far ahead from the rest of the world this land is and what this portends for the other nations in the region. While these are the main subjects of interest, there are also other minor topics inside the main subject that researchers can address. A Ph.D. on a topic like this will include a melange of information from politics, economics, and social structures. There is no end to the level of research that can be done on a country like Russia, and the point of views that can be taken are...

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