Criticalities in Selecting a Dissertation Topic

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For a PhD student, selecting the dissertation topic is extremely crucial. It is the vital medium that will pave the path for the student to receive their PhD degree. If you do not make the selecting carefully, it may lead to months of hard work but still you may not be able to succeed in receiving your degree. Additionally

Choose a Relevant Topic
It is crucial to select a relevant dissertation topic. By relevance it means that the topic which you choose needs to yield results that may be viable presently or in the near future. Through your dissertation findings you can contribute towards the field in some way or the other. Do not select a topic which is outdated or which holds no relevance today, even though it may be interesting.

Do not Select a Complex Topic
There are times when PhD students in order to get their dissertation approved in the first select a complex topic. Due to the complexity of the topic the students face various challenges in research work, for gathering the findings or during evaluation. So, it is better to avoid choosing a complex topic in order to impress your guide and the selection committee.

Do not add too many aspects to the topic
When selecting your dissertation topic, make sure to keep it simple and focus on just one aspect. Your guide and selection committee is not going to see how many aspects you have covered and mark you for it. Instead, they will check whether you have answered the problems and questions raised in the topic well. So, it is advisable to pick one or two aspects for the topic, research about it well, get the findings and evaluate it efficiently. It will impress your guide and selection committee and the change of your dissertation getting accepted will increase significantly!

Select a Topic that interests you
Even though your guide may suggest you a variety of topics and you may discover various relevant and important topics, but make sure to select a topic which interests you. If you just choose a topic on the basis of its relevant and personally find it boring, you may not be able to work on it well. Always remember that you have to devote at least 2-3 years on the topic and it will be the base of you attaining your PhD degree, so choose a topic which you find interesting and can work on it will dedication and patience!

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