Matlab Implementation

Matlab is a computing software that builds a digital environment for the data analysts, developed by MathWorks. The software allows matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, and implementation of algorithms created for user interfaces with the use of different programming languages. Although the software is primarily developed for numerical computing, Simulink is an add-on for graphical dimension.

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The history of Matlab

Matlab was developed in the late 1970s and was first adopted by researchers in control engineering for the teaching of linear algebra and numerical analysis, to be involved in image processing. The software is built around the Matlab scripting language for the analysts and user interface to use different programming languages. Matlab stands for matrix laboratory initially written to provide easy access to the matrix software, which represents state of the art in the software. The program is a set of tools facilitating work with Matlab user.

Research projects in Matlab

Dissertation help Russia has helped the computer science students with their master’s researches. The high-level language control flows statements, functions, data structures and object-oriented programming features. The functions range from elementary to more sophisticated for the researchers to use in their studies. A few of our research projects in Matlab are :

  • Effect of repeated earthquake in multistoried structure for ductility demand.
  • Caries using image mining techniques
  • Image Processing in Steganography
  • Monte Carlo Simulation on Shell and Tube heat exchanger


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