Proposal Writing

Once you know that you have to write a dissertation you need to first draft your proposal. Proposal is the first draft of your dissertation writing. If your proposal is not approved then you have to write and rewrite the same unless the same is approved by your review committee. Unless your proposal is approved you cannot go ahead with your dissertation writing. It is only when the university board is completely satisfied with all the aspects of the proposal and all the steps that the student intends to take in order to complete the project will they give the go-ahead for the student to work on the project and if required give him or her funding  for it. We at provide complete assistance to Russian students in proposal writing.

Our qualified and experienced team of editors and writers ensure you do not have to get into the procedure of rejecting or re-reviewing the proposal submitted by you. Our expert team at ensures that your proposal matches the quality standards of your Russian universities. Our team consists of various qualified and experienced members from various field of science, social science, human resource, management and various other fields. All our experts in have passed the phase of writing a dissertation and hence all are aware about the importance of writing a proposal.

Once the proposal is drafted by our editing and writing team, the same is reviewed by our quality experts and proof readers. Only if the submitted proposal is approved by our proof reading team, the same is provided to the client. Hence the proposal written by our team undergoes various quality checks before it is submitted to our customers. This ensures that the proposal will get an instant approval from the review committee of the university.

Our entire editing and writing team focuses only one thing that is to provide specialised services to each Russian student. Each student seeking services from is important and all of the past students from various Russian universities recommend our team. Our quality centric approach, target to always meet the deadline and provide customized service to each Russian student has given us a leadership position for providing assistance in dissertation writing.