The Key to Choosing the Most Remarkable Dissertation Topic!

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Choosing a topic for dissertation let alone being a remarkable one is quite a challenge for any Ph.D. student. Nevertheless, it is an insurmountable task that can be accomplished with clear planning. Choosing a topic to do a dissertation on is the first major challenge. It is important because the dissertation topic determines the length of your research work. It is an agonizing experience for a graduate student because it is difficult to determine whether the topic is worthy of investigation, or will it be original enough and more importantly is the scope of the research is manageable within the time frame of graduate studies at a university. Furthermore, to know more about what has already been researched on this topic, you have to immerse yourself in literature research. This allows the graduate student to synthesize findings across several studies performed by different research groups all over the world.

Approaches to Choosing a Topic

The right approach in choosing a topic is two-pronged. One you have to do sufficient literature research to find a topic that is original enough and worthy of investigation. Second, you will need to engage in a lively discussion with your academic adviser and other faculty members in your field of interest. You may come up with a few potential topics, however, eventually, you will have to settle for one topic. Then you must begin to crystallize and organize your thoughts around the thesis topic.

Criteria for Topic Selection

It is important to devote some quality time in order to ascertain the topic of your scholarly dissertation. Also, delineate little-understood phenomena, and gather novel insights from literature review about existing truths or assumptions. This is key to establishing an undiscovered correlation between variables that will help in gaining a new perspective about a different phenomenon. The main goal of the original research is to contribute something that will impact the field in a new way, even if the impact is tiny.

Topics that are interesting for the scientific community and the general public are those that can hold interest for a good length of time and give rise to debate and discussions. Many graduate students fall into the trap of choosing dissertation topics that are too large and not feasible to be completed within a reasonable time in graduate school. And that can be a major pitfall. So while we choose to do original research we must also pay attention to realistically finishing the dissertation within a reasonable time frame.

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