How we came in existence?

With the immense value of international education, Dissertation Help initiated to give a helping hand to the master's students in Russia. A long time ago, we realised the hardships faced by the master's candidates in completing their dissertation and the course of the study simultaneously. Therefore, we extend our helping hand to the University scholars in Russia. Dissertation Help Russia aims to help scholars with their education and build more educated people. We started as a small organisation with a limited number of academicians, but have evolved as one of the best dissertation helpers in Russia with more than 350 PhD experts.

While we didn’t expect Dissertation Help to be one of the best in a fortnight, it took us more than 12 years to be where we are today, and we are delighted to be of service of the student.

Our Experts

We have a team of expert academicians working together to help the students complete their master’s dissertation. The academic team has a flair for writing the proposal and dissertation, while there are statisticians who help the scholars analyse the data through SPSS, STATA, Nvivo, or Matlab.

Their Experience

The team have experienced researchers to conduct the study and research for the students with a minimum of 5 years experience in the field. However, all the statisticians in the team have more than 10 years of experience using different data analysing software.

How we help the research candidates?

Conducting a research and preparing a dissertation is new for the master’s students while dodging with their study cycle during the course time. The students do not have an experience in the field of research and need someone to assist them through the journey. We help the research candidates with :

  • The writing of the dissertation proposal.
  • The writing of the chapters of the dissertation.
  • The analysis of the data through different software.
  • The designing of the questionnaire.
  • Conducting a qualitative analysis of the data.


We have an excellent team of dissertation writers to support you during your dissertation days and get a masters degree.