Nvivo Data Analysing Tool

Nvivo is a qualitative data analysis tool, designed for various qualitative researchers, working with rich-text based on the deep level of analysis. The researchers use it for qualitative or mixed-method research to come to a conclusion and focus on groups, social media, and journal articles. The tool is available for windows and mac operating system for the researchers to use.

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Why Use Nvivo?

Store and Organise

The tool is used to store and organise all sorts of data on one platform and move the data from quantifiable demographic information to qualitative open-ended questions and interviews. The software manages and organises the data for the scholars to store it methodically and analyse.

Categorise and Analyse

The unstructured data is helped to categorise and analyse, to get the desired results of the research and get an output of it. The tool categorise and classify the data, through the themes, and the attributes. The categorised and classified data is easy to analyse for the desired output.

Visualise and Discover

Nvivo is used to visualise and discover the output of the study. It easily collaborates tabular methods and visualise the results of the research to discover the same. The tool explore connections between the projects and discover new ways to investigate for the output.


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